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Why You May Need a Copy Editor/Proofreader

When you've labored over a piece of writing for days, or even years, it's easy to overlook the fact that you've spelled a character's name "Cherie" in some places, but "Cheri" in others. Or that you've used the same word in three consecutive sentences. Maybe you've read a piece of text so many times that you overlook the embarrassing error on page 4. That's normal, and it happens to the most experienced writers.

You may not catch those details, but your readers will notice. They also notice when they have to read a sentence two or three times to fully understand your meaning---all because of a pesky misplaced comma. You can't afford to let readers have that spinach-in-the-teeth feeling that something isn't quite right, or lose them altogether. The truth is, most of them don't have the patience to work at understanding that sentence. And frankly, they shouldn't have to.

Whether it’s a memoir you've written for your family, a book being published by your company, or a piece of promotional material for your business, you want to ensure that readers understand it, and project the best image possible. I would love to help you reach your goals.



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