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Me at the Machias River

I've been in the publications business since 1977 and launched Laurel Robinson Editorial Services in 1994. Helping people find the most accurate words for what they want to say and taking care of all the details that help them reach their audience is my passion. My natural curiosity, appetite for information (I love trivia and am an information junkie), and love for a good story, combined with being a word nerd, means I'm never bored!

I've worked for independent authors, large and small publishers, and businesses of every size. Here are some of the types of publications I've copyedited and proofread over the years:

  • fiction and nonfiction books
  • magazines
  • annual reports
  • marketing materials (advertising, blog posts, newsletters, brochures)
  • business articles
  • daily and weekly newspapers

I especially enjoy working on fiction for adults and young adults, and nonfiction writing on travel, popular culture, business, and spirituality. I have experience with a wide variety of subjects, from marketing to memoirs, crime thrillers to pet care, young-adult fantasy to travel in Russia.

I grew up in Missouri, spent 15 years in Seattle, and went to graduate school and worked in North Carolina. But since 1997, I've made my home on the beautiful, rocky coast of Down East Maine, surrounded by wild-blueberry barrens, the smell of the ocean, and dense forest. When I'm not working, you can often find me walking on nearby trails or caring for our two rescue cats. I also love reading, traveling, writing, cooking, photography, tap dancing, and volunteering for the Machias Wild Blueberry Festival.

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