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Selected Client Projects

This is an overview of some of the projects I have completed. To read the details of specific kinds of projects, please click on the company names shown below.

Fodor's Travel Publications
(Random House)

Projects: Travel guides, along with books on topics such as ocean cruising, marathons, special escapes, and how to pack

In addition to checking for grammatical and spelling errors, I make sure these books conform to Fodor's style. Style considerations include how foreign terms are treated, how facilities information is listed in dining and lodging listings, and a host of other details.

I check Web links and conversions from miles to kilometers, make sure terms pertaining to art, history, food, and culture are treated consistently, and follow the style sheet that the editor for that particular book has provided.

Philomel/G.P. Putnam's Sons

Projects: Young-adult fiction

The process involved in copyediting fiction is the same regardless of the age of the intended audience. When working on a piece of fiction I pay close attention to the usual details involving spelling, grammar, punctuation, and clarity. I write questions to the author along the way about anything that doesn't sound right or is confusing. I keep a time line of the story's events so that references to days, dates, and years within the narrative are logical.

If I'm copyediting the book, I create a style sheet that reflects decisions about spelling, capitalization, numbers, use of italics, and plurals, to name a few. Choices that are unique to the author's writing style are on the sheet as well, along with place names and character names. The proofreader, designer, and others can refer to the style sheet when questions arise.

In proofreading, I look for typos, inconsistencies in spelling and punctuation, and bad line and page breaks. I also check running heads and chapter and page numbers.

Children's Hospital, Seattle

Project: Academic Annual Report, 2007-08

For this project, I was a member of a team of copy editors charged with organizing and editing the academic annual report for Children's Hospital in Seattle, which has more than 40 departments and is affiliated with the University of Washington and several satellite clinics.

Each doctor's achievements for the year, ranging from publications to presentations to awards, needed to be organized in a systematic, clear fashion. I followed PubMed style for the publications and contributed toward the multi-page style guide intended to serve as a template for future annual reports.

Workman Publishing

Projects: Books; wall calendars with text and photos on a variety of subjects, from handbags to guitars to kittens

Dream It. List It. Do It! by Lia Steakley and Editors of 43 Things

I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

Both these books involved copyediting material written by the creators of successful Web sites. The first is about making life goals; the second is from a personal-finance blog. Both include lists, steps, and anecdotes and testimonies from different contributors.

The Education Center

Projects: Web-based supplements to monthly magazines; Web pages for products magazine; e-mail messages to subscribers and clients; Web advertisements; blog entries; home page updates

Barron's Educational Series

Projects: Pet care manuals, study guides for various tests, dictionaries on business and legal subjects, books on topics ranging from movie synopses to art techniques to historical sites

Working on Barron's books means not only following the publisher's style but often Americanizing the manuscript as well. Read more about my Americanizing services.

Test-preparation guides require that I make sure all items are formatted correctly and consistently. I check Web sites, addresses, and phone numbers that appear in resource lists, and create a style sheet unique to each project with decisions about spelling, capitalization, treatment of acronyms and initialisms, numbers, and so forth.


Projects: Product catalogs for retailers

Visual elements and text come together in these product catalogs: I not only check for the usual style and consistency in text, but also ensure that the text and the photos go together. For instance, I make sure a T-shirt described in the copy is the one pictured, or that the way a product name is styled on the product itself is the same way it appears in the description.



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